Meri Crusher Services, Road Rolling Leicestershire

Our Meri Crusher services are ideal for carrying out road rolling and repairs throughout Leicestershire and the rest of the East Midlands. As a cost friendly alternative, we can restore a roads or pathways for a fraction of the price usually required to install a new one. Our thorough Meri Crusher service usually consists of three separate phases: crushing, levelling and compacting (road rolling).


After surveying the path / road to be repaired, the crushing phase begins. This process removes potholes, grooves and other surface damage. By loosening the existing materials, the crushing phase ensures that all hard-core, granite and tarmac are processed efficiently to ensure a smooth grade for the next levelling stage.


By using the grader blade at the rear of the Meri Crusher, we make sure that the crushed surface is levelled for final treatment. This surface can be level, sloping or apex shaped in form. The use of an apex or camper also provides valuable drainage benefits.


Utilising the vibrating roller, we compact the surface of the road or pathway to leave a smooth, solid finish which provides a durable surface for future foot and vehicle traffic, free of any potholes or surface scars.